Teaching Men To Be Feminist

Teaching Men To Be Feminist

A provocative cover and a provocative read!

My most recent book came about for several reasons. First, feminism seems to have lost its way: women are often reluctant to call themselves feminists, think it is outdated or are very unclear about what it means anymore. I think this is a pity because, in reality, the consequences of continuing gender inequality persist at many levels and in most parts of the world.

My experience of working with women over the years in different cultural contexts has taught me that although some achievements in terms of educational and professional opportunities are visible, low self-esteem and poor body image continue to affect women’s confidence and sense of themselves.

Why have I written a book for men? Men continue to think of feminism as “a woman’s thing” related more to equal access to the highest positions of corporate and institutional hierarchies than an ideology opposed to all manifestations of sexism. I would like more men to support women in their fight for gender equality so this book is basically an introduction to what sexism really is, how attitudes and behaviour connect. Sexism is the most widespread and effective process of brainwashing in the history of mankind with gender inequality maintained and perpetuated consciously and unconsciously by men and women too. I wanted to show how deeply rooted attitudes appear so familiar that they seem normal.

My hope is that by genuinely understanding the harm that sexism inflicts on us personally and socially, we can work more together to challenge all manifestations of sexist and achieve genuine and lasting equality for all of us.

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