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The Guardian – The decline of the girlboss? Post-pandemic, she’s more ubiquitous than ever

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 Dickson argues that awareness and action are not the same thing. “It is easier to recognise inequality, to be aware of it, than it is to know how to change our behaviour,” she tells me. “We simply don’t know how to alter our speech or approach, so again the skills in this book are essential for personal change.” Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett in The Guardian

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour – Five ways to master the art of assertive communication

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Psychologist and author Anne Dickson has spent over four decades teaching the art of assertive communication. Her first book, A Woman in your own Right was published in 1982. She spoke to Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 about why assertive communication is important and shared her tips on how you can master it. Listen here to my full interview on Woman’s Hour. Read the article here.

Mslexia – A Woman In Your Own Right

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The conditioning of the past is still deeply embedded in women’s psyches, which means that simply having more equal opportunities doesn’t always translate into the ability to grasp them.  A Woman In Your Own Right – Mslexia

Time To Speak Up

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Today has been designated International Women’s Day and for the past week, there have been stories popping up in the media here, in the UK, as women from different walks of life, nationalities, centuries and accomplishment are celebrated for their achievements – usually belatedly and often posthumously. I applaud the celebration but at the same time, I have been wondering why it is necessary to have one special day to consider the contribution of women to this planet.

Conditioned to Fear

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The tragic events surrounding the terrible death of Sarah Everard have revealed yet again how women have to live with the ever present possibility of violence against them. Most women know this. Most women have experienced verbal or physical harassment in their lives, probably more than once, from strangers, friends or partners. Most women understand that this is the cost of inhabiting a woman’s body in a profoundly patriarchal world where sexism is the norm. And yet, most of the…

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As Rainbows Fade

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The experience of enforced isolation and social distancing has for many been a time when priorities have shifted. What is essential has been separated from the non-essential. For some, the importance of family and loved ones has become more crystallised: others have found surprising tranquillity in unaccustomed silence and solitude. I share this experience. Somehow the world is appearing more clearly and my awareness of what I know about others and the world around me has become more sharply defined….

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The Price Women Pay

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Walking down a supermarket aisle recently, I found myself face to face with a ‘bank’ of daily newspapers. Every single one displayed an image of Teresa May’s face, contorted with emotion as she fought back tears while giving her resignation speech. If anyone wanted to be reassured that patriarchy is alive and well, they need have looked no further. Although I am used to speaking in front of an audience, I often find myself surprised by tears welling up and…

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