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The Guardian – The decline of the girlboss? Post-pandemic, she’s more ubiquitous than ever

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 Dickson argues that awareness and action are not the same thing. “It is easier to recognise inequality, to be aware of it, than it is to know how to change our behaviour,” she tells me. “We simply don’t know how to alter our speech or approach, so again the skills in this book are essential for personal change.” Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett in The Guardian

BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour – Five ways to master the art of assertive communication

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Psychologist and author Anne Dickson has spent over four decades teaching the art of assertive communication. Her first book, A Woman in your own Right was published in 1982. She spoke to Woman’s Hour on BBC Radio 4 about why assertive communication is important and shared her tips on how you can master it. Listen here to my full interview on Woman’s Hour. Read the article here.

Mslexia – A Woman In Your Own Right

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The conditioning of the past is still deeply embedded in women’s psyches, which means that simply having more equal opportunities doesn’t always translate into the ability to grasp them.  A Woman In Your Own Right – Mslexia